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Marvel Reveals [SPOILER] Is The New Citizen V

Marvel Comics today introduced a brand new team of Avengers in USAvengers #1 from writer Al Ewing and artist Paco Medina. The series is a follow-up to Ewing’s New Avengers series and features the most patriotic team of Marvel Comics heroes ever assembled.

The team includes such star-spangled heroes as a new Iron Patriot, a Captain America from the future, and new Red Hulk who is actually a general in the United State military. But a team going by the name USAvengers needs an equally patriotic hero to lead them, and they found one in the form of a new Citizen V.

SPOILERS for USAvengers #1 follow.

The original Citizen V was a relatively obscure Golden Age hero, an Englishman who fought against the Nazi’s occupying France.

The Citizen V persona was passed down several times, but the best-known Citizen V was the leader of the original Thunderbolts. That Citizen V turned out to be Baron Zemo in disguise, and he abandoned the persona once his scheme was revealed and the Thunderbolts betrayed him.

Other took up the name Citizen V after Zemo abandoned it, but the title has mostly fallen into obscurity. The character popped up again in the teaser for the All-New Marvel era that would follow Secret Wars, but it is only now, a year later, as Marvel NOW! Is in full swing that a new Citizen V has emerged.

It turns out the new Citizen V is mutant formerly known as Sunspot, Roberto da Costa. Bobby leads the USAvengers and is seen in USAvengers #1 communicating with Gen. Maverick, the new Red Hulk. Maverick orders Bobby to use his codename. Bobby winges, complaining that he liked his old codename, before responding as “Citizen V.”

That’s the only mention of Citizen V in the issue. Whether Bobby truly embraces the persona by donning the new Citizen V costume seen in that original All-New Marvel teaser image remains to be seen.